Clicked is a newsletter about all things found on the internet.

New issues of Clicked arrive every Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. Eastern time.

Who Reads Clicked?

My readers tend to be tech enthusiasts with a penchant for curated lists, good articles to read, and cool things online.

There is no set “topic” or “niche” for this newsletter but there are common themes. Those themes include technology, news, internet wonders, the creative process, media, and cool things humans are creating online.

What You’ll Get

Each issue of Clicked will include at least two of the following things in each issue:

  • Original Essay or Editorial – I will write an original essay about something on my mind that I think others will get value from reading. It also may be a more persuasive argument or editorial about something currently happening in the world. Either way, it is about something I feel the need to throw my hat in the proverbial ring over.
  • Curation of links – This can be anything from articles, websites, art, music, poetry, podcasts, and videos. It is a small curated list of things that I decide are the most important or interesting things among literally hundreds of different sources. It may not be the best of everything on the internet, but it’s the best stuff I found over the past week.
  • Good Tweet(s) – I will be the first to admit that I spend way too much time on Twitter. Because of that, I might throw in a good tweet or two that I think is either funny, provocative, or both to justify the time I spent there for the week.

I also may pepper in some other things not listed as well.

Who is Writing Clicked?

Hi, my name is Jeff Perry. I am a writer, tech enthusiast, husband, cat dad, and vivacious reader online. I’ve been writing, podcasting, and sharing my takes in essays and editorials since 2010.

My cats, Dexter (orange and white cat) and Alfie (black and white cat)