• If you want to find a good note-taking app you can use NoteApps.info as a way of comparing features between popular note-taking apps. SPOILER I will be diving very deep into note-taking next week.
  • Apple announced the finalists for their Apple Design Awards. Most of these apps I have never heard of, but one that caught my eye is the (Not Boring) Habits app.
  • One of my new favorite podcasts, Dead Cat, recently had Platformer’s Casey Newton on to talk about the state of Substack. It was absolutely interesting to hear people I consider Substack experts talk about what is next for the company and their customers.

Bo Burnham released a new hour-long video called THE INSIDE OUTTAKES, and it has been playing nonstop in the background since it’s been released.

Mona Lisa Eats Cake

In today’s segment of “what made you think that would work?” a man, disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair, attempted to smear cake on the Mona Lisa.

Thankfully the Mona Lisa is covered with bulletproof glass to stop people from ruining the iconic artwork.

The reason for this? Climate change (and most likely mental health issues).

Good Tweets

Sewell Chan shared an awesome Twitter thread about their work alongside all of Texas Tribune during the Uvalde school shooting. This is a prime example of what I consider “good journalism.”